Accordion Shutters & Installation

Accordion Shutters for Storm Protection

Accordion Shutters are cost efficient protection for your windows, doors, balconies, and patios from storm and hurricane damage.

Accordion Shutters are made from interlocking extruded aluminum blades and fold to each or one side of an opening. Key features are:

  • Manual folding shutters can be stored on either side  or both ends of an opening 
  • Covers sliding glass doors, balconies, windows or decks 
  • Vertical blade construction designed for maximum strength regardless of size 
  • Balcony enclosures work great for condominiums

Silicon impregnated wheel carriages inserted in the top of the shutter allow the shutter to roll easily from side to side. These wheels align inside of a heavy duty extruded aluminum header track.

Accordion shutters require about 1” per foot of width for storage. If you have a 12’ sliding glass door the shutter covers, you will have a 12” stack of shutter on one end or you will have a 6” stack on each side of the door.

An interesting application for accordion shutters is what we call "balcony enclosure installations" which virtually add another usable room to your condo.

A balcony enclosure is done by simply installing the shutter out adjacent to the balcony railing instead of up against the balcony wall.

Never again will you have to bring your patio furniture in your living space when bad weather threatens. Our accordion shutter is like no other accordion on the market. We provide unique features, designed in house to meet customer requirements.

Mechanically bent "radius" tracks allow us to fit any shaped balcony with a balcony enclosure installation. These features allow the accordion shutter to be more of a shutter you use to benefit your lifestyle not just for hurricane protection. 

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